ASEE 2018 Survey of Engineering
& Engineering Technology Programs and Research
ASEE Contact:
Institutional Research & Analytics

The survey submission deadline is January 31, 2019.

You can begin the registration process here: register

If you have not participated in the last three years, please contact the Institutional Research & Analytics office at to setup an institutional account. Our online payment processing system does not currently accept credit card payments, but we can accept credit payments by email or over the phone.

In order to proceed in the registration process (if you wish to pay by credit card), please chose the “Bill me later” option on the billing page and enter in the requested information. Even if you have already paid, you need to enter in the requested information before you can proceed. Once you have entered in the requested information, you can proceed to filling out the survey. Please email for payment instructions by credit card. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Joe Roy at 202-331-3535 or

The 2018 survey is now open. You must register to create a new username for this year's survey. The survey will conclude on January 31, 2019. Please contact Institutional Research & Analytics with any questions.


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